My name is David McQueen. For over 25 years I have either spoken to, mentored, tutored and worked with young people in and out of schools across the UK and indeed the world. I am an educator, not a teacher in the formal sense.

I am very passionate about exploring what works (or doesn’t work) for students who are in schools, be they private, state or home school.

Through my company Magnificent Generation a lot of the energy has focused on learning, leadership and life skills for students. It is not quite the platform for me to talk about the political nature of education and some of the concerns I have with the system as a whole.

This blog is an extension of a previous blog tallblackonesugar.wordpress.com where I wrote about a number of subjects I was interested in. I decided to spin this one off to focus primarily on Education and Schooling. Subjects very dear to my heart.



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